Custom Application Development

Web Applications are the best way of organizations to providing online solutions that can be accessed by a wide range of platforms and devices using any web browser and PHP frameworks give the users a basic structure, with some pre-built modules to develop robust web applications faster. Our customized application development services will help you meet the ever-changing requirements of your business and give you the delectable solution.

We offers customized website design & development services in following frameworks :

  • CodeIgniter
  • ROR
  • Zend
  • Laravel
  • Web Services Development

Frameworks – CodeIgniter | ROR | Zend | Laravel

CodeIgniter –

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

At Mencoweb we have efficient, skilled and ingenious CodeIgniter experts who can develop crystal clear understanding of clients requirements results highly reliable and scalable solutions.

CodeIgniter development services we provide :

  • Custom CodeIgniter web app development
  • Application portal development
  • Web based CMS development
  • Third party APIs integration
  • CodeIgniter website maintenance, support and up-gradation



Ruby on Rails is a free web application development platform that follows MVC (Model View Controller) architecture pattern. In the Web Development field, RoR is currently the most popular free open Source MVC framework for web development based on Ruby Programming language. Rails can run on most Web servers that support CGI. The framework also supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.

Some of major advantages of ROR development :

  • Fast performance
  • Easy to manipulate data
  • Quick development of application, as less coding required due to scaffolding methodology
  • Code Quality
  • Suitable for all business industries

At Mencoweb we develop powerful web applications on ROR platform. We have passionate team of ROR programmers who provides sustainable solutions, quality services and superior support to our clients.

Services we provide :

  • Ruby on Rails Migration
  • Ruby on Rails CMS development
  • Maintenance
  • Custom Business Applications
  • Ruby on Rails eCommerce development


Zend –

The PHP Zend framework is one of the best PHP frameworks for building high-scale web applications. It is a simple, object-oriented and open-source software framework that support multiple database systems including MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. This design architecture allows the Web page to be mostly separated from the internal application code, making it easier for designers and programmers to focus on their respective areas of expertise, and reduce the development time & efforts.

We have a very professional team of Zend Framework developers providing end-to-end custom solutions for your business enterprise. We develop fully interactive, functional, tailored and secured web applications to meet the most demanding business requirements.

Services we provide :

  • PHP Zend Web & Application development
  • Zend Framework Consulting
  • Website Upgradation
  • XML data feed application Development
  • Payment Integration Development
  • Web Services and API


Laravel –

Laravel is an open source PHP framework used for developing web application. It follows the Model View Controller architecture which makes the developer’s task easy due to its modular packaging system. Laravel is rich in attribute and highly valid.

Ample benefits of using Laravel Web App Development:

  • Faster Development
  • Fully Object Oriented
  • Wide range of library classes
  • Security & Session handling with Laravel Development
  • Scalable over a period of time
  • Well-Organized Coding
  • Hassle-free Migration

We have professional and passionate laravel developer who will work exclusively for your project for a pre-defined timeline. we create outstanding coding and create mapping of web applications that truly achieve your organization goals.

Services we provide :

  • Custom Laravel Website Development
  • Laravel Ecommerce Store Development
  • Laravel Mobile App Development
  • Laravel Support and maintenance